We love tiny, shortened, simplified, mini URLs

You can't share lengthy URLs verbally, because they're unreadable. And when you email them, they often get cut and become broken links. That's why we turn long ones like http://www.some-interesting-website.com/the-specific-page-from-that-website-I-want-to-share-with-my-friends-or-family into https://murl.co/abcd. That's better, right?

Yes, it has been done before, but we hope you'll agree that our platform is easy to use, clear, straight-to-the-point, and quite cute too.

Mini URLs are great!

Custom links

What's more, you can even personalize your links: Instead of a random minimized URL like https://murl.co/abcd, you can create one that fits you or your link more, like https://murl.co/john or https://murl.co/newyork. Simply by adding a custom name in the MiniURL form's dedicated field.

If you think we can improve our service, contact us to share your ideas and suggestions with us!

Did you know?

MURL, our own little abbreviation of MiniURL, actually means something:
[mərl] | verb
Origin: Scottish dialect
Definition: to crumble, fragment, or molder

How appropriate, don't you think?